Right Wing Pundits Attack Trump’s Child Care Plan: He’s Trying To Out-Democrat The Democrats [VIDEO]

Within minutes of yesterday’s big reveal of Donald Trump’s proposed child care program, right wing sites and pundits recoiled in horror. Here’s just one example, via Newsmax:

Conservative commentator Charles Krauthammer laid into Donald Trump Tuesday night for a child care plan that would “out-Democrat the Democrats.”

In remarks on Fox News’ “Special Report With Bret Baier,” Krauthammer called the reported plan to guarantees six weeks of paid maternity leave to working women as an “enormous new entitlement.” “How many Democratic parties does the country need? We already have one,” he said.

“What he is proposing is to out-Democrats the Democrats,” he said. “This is an enormous new entitlement that will blow the debt and when he says mandate –– he will mandate from Washington –– isn’t that the one thing that Republicans all agree upon, the government stepping in and telling private industry what to do?”

“He says that will be paid for by taking out waste, fraud and abuse from the unemployment insurance system. If you believe that, you will believe anything,” he added.