President Obama Condemns North Korea’s Nuclear Test As A “Grave Threat To International Peace And Stability”

Politico reports:

President Barack Obama on Friday denounced North Korea’s latest test of a nuclear weapon, condemning the move “in the strongest possible terms as a grave threat to regional security and to international peace and stability.”

“North Korea stands out as the only country to have tested nuclear weapons this century,” Obama said in a statement. “Today’s test, North Korea’s second this year, follows an unprecedented campaign of ballistic missile launches, which North Korea claims are intended to serve as delivery vehicles for nuclear weapons targeting the United States and our allies, the Republic of Korea and Japan. As Commander in Chief, I have a responsibility to safeguard the American people and ensure that the United States is leading the international community in responding to this threat and North Korea’s other provocations with commensurate resolve and condemnation.”

Obama also reiterated the longstanding U.S. refusal to recognize North Korea as a nuclear state and called the test “a flagrant violation of multiple UN Security Council Resolutions” that “demonstrates it has no interest in being a responsible member of the international community.”