PHILADELPHIA: Trump Campaign Tricks Black Hillary Supporter Into Appearing In Ad, Uses Local Small Business Without Their Permission [VIDEO]

Philadelphia’s NBC affiliate reports:

A Hillary Clinton supporter is speaking out after he says he unknowingly appeared in a Donald Trump campaign ad. Calvin Anderson, a Philadelphia construction worker, told NBC10 he had just finished a long day of work at a site last July when he was approached by a photographer who asked him if he wanted to be on television.

“We thought it had something to do with the building,” Anderson said. “Before you know it he said, ‘Sign these waivers.’ I’m like, ‘Waivers for what?’ And it had nothing on there about Trump.”

Anderson said he naively signed his name. Several weeks later Anderson’s family saw him in a Donald Trump commercial wearing a hard hat. Anderson said he then received a call from his 94-year-old grandmother telling him she saw his twin on a Trump ad.

“I said, ‘Boy, everybody do got a twin out there,’” Anderson said. “I said, ‘Granny, that’s me.’ She said, ‘I’m gonna shoot you.’” reports about a small business used without permission in the same ad.

Grethe Kiley didn’t think much about the film crew that set up in front of her family’s market in Haddon Heights in July. Maybe the store would someday show up in a toilet paper ad, she speculated in passing.

Instead, the facade of John’s Friendly Market – an institution in the New Jersey town – is front and center in a presidential television campaign commercial that Donald Trump began running last week in nine battleground states, including Pennsylvania.

Kiley, who took over the store with her sister in 2011 after their father, John Johnson, died, learned about the commercial only when she saw it on television. Then longtime customers started calling, wanting to know if the market was supporting Trump. Some said they might take their shopping elsewhere if that was the case.

The Trump campaign even hired an actor to pose outside as the owner of John’s Friendly Market.thrive