One Million Moms Vs Rue21

Just in from Monica Cole:

1MM typically focuses on issues that air on television, but there is one other issue we cannot ignore: inappropriate ads and giant posters in storefront windows. Next time you are out shopping, you will get much more than you bargained for and not in a good way.

Rue21 is currently posting in BIG letters on the front of their stores: BAD A$$ Sale! This is not something you would want to walk by or visit with your family. To be bombarded with posters featuring foul language while you are shopping is not okay.

Parents need to be warned that malls, where teens hang out and families go for innocent outings, have retailers who display posters with curse words in huge font in storefront windows. Rue21 is being unprofessional and irresponsible. Everyone knows that children repeat what they hear and see.

Rue21’s website has this same ad displayed prominently on their site.

TAKE ACTION: Please use the information we have provided to contact Rue21 urging them to remove the “BAD A$$ Sale” slogan from their store locations and their website immediately.

I’d never heard of Rue21 until today, but Wikipedia says they have 1100 stores.