OKLAHOMA: Manslaughter Charges Filed Against Tulsa Cop In Shooting Death Of Unarmed Black Man

Tulsa’s Fox affiliate reports:

The Tulsa County District Attorney has filed first degree manslaughter charges against Officer Betty Shelby with the Tulsa Police Department. Shelby shot and killed Terence Crutcher on Sept. 16 in north Tulsa. Video released showed Crutcher with his hands up. Tulsa County DA Steve Kunzweiller said a warrant was issued for Shelby’s arrest and arrangements are being made with her lawyer to turn herself in to authorities.

Mayor Dewey Bartlett released a statement shortly after Kunzweiler’s announcements: “Our Tulsa Police Department worked quickly to provide all the information to the District Attorney. I appreciate their efforts as well as the District Attorney’s usual thorough evaluation of the rules of law for which we are all accountable. These are important steps to ensure that justice and accountability prevails. We will continue to be transparent and ensure the system carries out its responsibility to provide justice.”

Right wing sites continue to claim that the shooting was justified. Of course.