NORTH CAROLINA: GOP Blasts Charlotte’s Refusal To “Compromise” And Repeal Their LGBT Rights Ordinance

Charlotte’s CBS affiliate reports:

Monday morning the North Carolina Republican Party issued a statement from Party Chairman Robin Hayes saying Cooper and Roberts “again scuttled a compromise deal.”

“Roy Cooper’s silence on the Charlotte bathroom ordinance repeal deal confirms he was working with his ally Jennifer Roberts to kill any compromise all along,” Hayes said Monday.

“This is the second time Roy Cooper and Jennifer Roberts have blocked good-faith efforts to keep sporting events in North Carolina, and shows Roy Cooper is more interested in playing politics at the expense of hardworking North Carolinians than doing his job to help them.”

“While the Governor and legislature have been willing to compromise to find a resolution, Roy Cooper and Jennifer Roberts have been following the orders of radical Washington, D.C. special interest groups who will not stop until they impose an extreme, politically-correct agenda on our state to allow men to use women’s restrooms, showers and locker rooms,” Hayes continued.

“By again blocking a compromise deal, it is clear that both Roy Cooper and Jennifer Roberts want to keep this issue alive to raise campaign cash and ultimately change the definition of gender in our country,” he said.

Via press release from North Carolina House Speaker Tim Moore:

“Rather than trying to seek a solution that would reset a contentious debate, Mayor Roberts and her allies, including Roy Cooper and special interest groups, have decided that they would rather play a game of politics than take steps toward a solution. It now seems clear that all along Mayor Roberts and Roy Cooper have been engaging in political theater to the detriment of the entire state, and this explains why they have refused to heed the calls to act from the business community and from people on all sides of the political spectrum.”