New WSJ/NBC Nationwide Polls Show Hillary +6

The Wall Street Journal reports:

Hillary Clinton is maintaining her edge over Republican rival Donald Trump despite recent campaign setbacks, but the 2016 presidential race continues to tighten going into the homestretch, a new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll has found.

After a rocky week of controversy over her health and for calling some of Mr. Trump’s supporters “deplorables,” the Democratic nominee leads Mr. Trump by 6 percentage points, 43% to 37%, among people likely to vote, the survey found. Two third-party candidates drew 12% support.

It is the first Journal/NBC News survey this year to zero in on the opinions of people likely to vote. Among all registered voters, a slightly broader group than those designated as likely voters, Mrs. Clinton leads by 5 percentage points, narrower than her 9-point lead in the August Journal/NBC News survey.

Fred Yang, a Democratic pollster who conducted the survey with Republican Bill McInturff, said Mr. Trump has been hindered by his comments about women, immigrants and Muslims, which are viewed negatively by white women and white, college-educated voters, two groups from which Mr. Trump needs strong support to win.