New Anti-Trump Ad Goes Nuclear [VIDEO]

NBC News reports:

With a mushroom cloud and at least $5 million worth of TV airtime behind it, the new ad from the pro-Hillary Clinton super PAC Priorities USA is sure to stand out in a crowded political landscape. The spot, “I Love War,” which was shared first with NBC News, will run widely in North Carolina, Ohio, Florida, Nevada and Iowa starting Friday. It includes no narration, opting instead for images of war juxtaposed with Trump’s own words.

Like the Clinton campaign’s official ads, it takes a page from President Lyndon Johnson’s campaign against Barry Goldwater in 1964. Back then, the invocation of nuclear war to scare voters was considered so controversial that Johnson’s camp quickly pulled an ad featuring a mushroom cloud. But the ad, “Daisy,” generated so much discussion that it went on to be considered one of the most successful and famous political ads of all time.