MEXICO: 80K March In Anti-Gay Hate Rally [VIDEO]

Telesur reports:

At least 80,000 people have attended the anti-gay rally called “rally to defend our families” in Mexico City on Saturday, Mayor Miguel Angel Mancera said.

The protest is organized by Catholics and the ultra-conservative National Front for the Family, who have been calling people to take to the streets to “defend their families and children” against same-sex marriages and adoptions – which are human rights provided by the Mexican constitution.

Similar rallies were conducted a couple of weeks ago in several cities across Mexico, however today’s rally is taking place in what is considered a gay cultural capital both in the country and the world.

For this reason authorities have tight security in order to prevent aggressions by “antagonic groups” against LGBT people, Mancera said, adding that he will respect the right to protest even when he does not agree with protesters.