Log Cabin Head Pens Breitbart Column

Log Cabin Republicans president Gregory Angelo has published a column for the relentlessly racist Breitbart, whose CEO recently boasted is the nation’s leading “platform for the alt-right.” Angelo writes:

Theocracy is antithetical to American ideals. It was not coincidental that the founding fathers of our country had the foresight to delineate the separation of Church and State in our Constitution; the United States was founded to allow its citizens to practice the religion of their choice in peace. In the case of radical interpretations of Islam, theocracy not only stands in stark opposition to American ideals of tolerance and peace, it can be—quite literally—deadly. [snip]

Standing up to religion-based bigotry has been a hallmark of Log Cabin Republicans since our founding in 1977. To date, much of our work in that sphere has focused on opposition to Christian fundamentalism and the harm it causes LGBT Americans. But there is a new creeping theocracy in the United States: radical Islam. Regardless of party affiliation, sexual orientation, or religious background, standing up in opposition to twisted interpretations of legitimate faiths isn’t just important; it’s our duty as Americans.