Kentucky Judge: Rainbow-Stealing Gays And Their Sterile Marriages Have Ruined My Ability To Hug Men

USA Today reports:

A Family Court judge who routinely presides over gay adoptions said that gay marriage is an “oxymoron” like “jumbo shrimp” or a “magnificent Chihuahua.” Appearing before a religious group, Fayette Circuit Court Judge Tim Philpot said he loves homosexuals but their relationships are “sterile” and “just entertainment.”

Addressing the Francis Asbury Society in Wilmore, Ky., on Sept. 8, Philpot called the Supreme Court’s decision last year legalizing gay marriage “pretty close to insane” and warned that “there is no question that polygamy is on the way.”

Philpot, who ministers several times a week to men, said his “biggest bugaboo with the whole thing” is how it has affected friendships between straight men. “I meet with men four or five times a week and we hug; we love each other at a certain level,” he said. “I don’t hug the way I used to.”

Philpot also bemoaned that homosexuals had “stolen” one of the Bible’s greatest symbols, the rainbow. “I’m gonna put one on the back of my car because I’m not going to let them steal it,” he said. “I’m gonna take it back. I’m gonna drive around town with my rainbow and my 8-pound shorky (a Shih Tzu and a Yorkshire terrier mix) and let them think what they want.”

Lawyers that have represented gay couples in Philpot’s court say he has been fair to them.