Independent Evan McMullin Turns Racist Voicemail From Trump Supporter Into Campaign Ad [VIDEO]

Buzzfeed reports:

Evan McMullin’s presidential campaign has taken a racist tirade recently left in a staffer’s voicemail inbox and turned it into a political ad highlighting the dangers of “Donald Trump’s America.” The ad, which will air online in select markets, features a recording of a personal cell phone message campaign spokeswoman Rina Shah received after appearing on Fox News last Friday.

“You frothing, libtard piece of shit Islamic dog,” the caller, identified only as “Alan,” is heard saying in the ad, while a transcript of his rant runs along the bottom of the screen. “Vote for the pathological lying criminal you fucking piece of shit … and get out of our country … while you’re at it, got back and get fucked by your dirtbag Islamic terror scum friends. Slut.”

As the ad notes, Shah was born in West Virginia. She is also not a Muslim. But in an interview with BuzzFeed News, she said Alan’s voicemail was just a small sample of the abuse she has endured from Trump supporters since she publicized her opposition to Trump and then joined McMullin’s campaign.