Huffington Post: The Orange Don Got Crushed

The Huffington Post nails it:

Donald Trump, within striking distance of the presidency, stepped on stage here Monday and did what Hillary Clinton hoped he would. He behaved like Donald Trump.

The Clinton campaign’s greatest fear throughout the general election has been that some other Trump would emerge ― a more measured, reasonable and mature man, one who might look like he was ready for the Oval Office. That man doesn’t exist, so he didn’t show up.

Trump came out with a clear game plan targeted at Ohio and Pennsylvania voters frustrated with the loss of manufacturing, hitting Clinton on trade over and over.

But he fairly quickly reverted to the alpha male role that had worked so well in Republican debates, becoming something of a Rick Lazio in split screen, hectoring, interrupting, sniffling loudly and rolling his eyes.

Clinton, after spending the campaign cleaving Trump away from the Republican Party, arguing that there was something uniquely different about him, instead treated Trump Monday night as if Mitt Romney had shown up.

As yes, even Trump’s ultra hardcore white supremacist fans thought he blew it.