Hillary Launches Spanish-Language Ads [VIDEOS]

The Hill reports:

Hillary Clinton on Wednesday released new Spanish-language ads, using a former Bush-era official to warn about the dangers of electing Donald Trump to the White House. One ad, titled “Country First,” features Carlos Gutierrez, a former secretary of Commerce under George W. Bush.

In the ad, Gutierrez says he has been a Republican his whole life, but he is “an American first.”

“Donald Trump doesn’t have the qualities necessary to be president. I know, because I served in the Cabinet of George W. Bush for four years,” Gutierrez says in Spanish, according to The Washington Post.

“I was born in Cuba, but this country gave me my success. I’ve been a Republican my entire life, but first I’m an American. Vote for Trump? I can’t. It’s dangerous and we don’t want to go back. Hillary Clinton has the experience and I trust her. For me, country first, and then party.”