Glenn Beck: Homocon Milo Acts Like A Hateful 13 Year Old Bully Because He’s Running From His Monsters

Glenn Beck has apparently seen ABC News’ evisceration of homocon bully Milo Whatisopoulos. From his Facebook page:

You want the truth Milo? You are a hurt 13 year old boy. I don’t know what pain you had to go through to make you so cold and distant from any feelings of compassion and basic kindness but causing hurt makes you into the monster you are running from.

Yes, society is screwed up, yes, Political Correctness is out of control and people do have the right to say what they want. But the question is: SHOULD WE? Not, can we.

By you can hide behind anything that helps you sleep, and I am sure Steve Bannon helps you sleep, but at some point you will come to the realization that You have become that bully that hurt you so deeply in the past.

I urge anyone who is a fan of mine to NOT dog pile on hate. You cannot conquer darkness with darkness. Only light. Hate is only defeated with love.

Do not cry “hate crimes”; don’t try to silence him or anyone else as we believe in free speech and the only speech that needs defending is the speech that one abhors. I abhor most of what Milo says as well as those we works for and represents. (Brietbart/trump etc). But they all have a right to their views.

No matter how ugly others may get, we must try to not become everything we stand against.

These are the days of Bonhoeffer and Corrie Ten Boom. The sword the Lord came with was truth and love. Compassion, kindness, integrity, honor and love are the most powerful weapons we have because they can only be wielded by the righteous.

A bad tree cannot bear good fruit. The tree of real life trolls, be it on line, in media or in politics is not a good tree.

This is the path Robespierre not Jefferson and Adams. It is hard in the moment to see but we as a nation must wake from our coming nightmare. Even Thomas Paine missed the signs of the French Revolution. Even so, he was a patriot. Even the very elect will be fooled.

This is the path taken by Russia 1917 and Germany 1930. We must distance ourselves from the populist and nationalist anger. At NO time in history has that lead any place of safety or freedom.

I feel badly for those who are in or are drawn to this circle as they must surely be deeply wounded.

The sexism, racism, hatred for anyone that opposes their line of thinking is, time after time, presented as something a desperate 10 or 13 year old boy would do. We need to pray for those who feel this alone.