FLOTUS Stars In New Hillary Ad [VIDEO]

Politico recaps:

After running ads for weeks portraying Republican candidate Donald Trump as a poor role model for America’s children, Hillary Clinton’s campaign has turned to first lady Michelle Obama to explain why the former secretary of state is the candidate best suited to help kids. “Our children watch everything we do and the person we elect as president has the power to shape their lives for years to come,” the first lady says in the 30-second ad, released this week.

The ad is a stark contrast from one Clinton’s campaign has been running for weeks that shows children watching TV as a montage of Trump’s most controversial and offensive remarks are played. The Trump clips finish with a message flashing across the screen, telling viewers that “our children are watching,” and asking “what example will we set for them?” before a clip of Clinton delivering a more inspirational message plays.

(Tipped by JMG reader Chin)