Conway: Trump Is the Babe Ruth Of Debating

Politico reports:

On the eve of the first presidential debate, Donald Trump’s campaign manager Kellyanne Conway, described her candidate Sunday as “the Babe Ruth of debating,” a glowing assessment that’s unusual at a time when both camps typically work to rein in expectations.

“He’s a brilliant debater,” Conway said on ABC’s “This Week.” “Newt Gingrich put it best. The former Speaker recently said Donald Trump is the best debater he’s ever seen. He’s like the Babe Ruth of debating. He really shows up and swings and does a great job.”

Trump has complained that the moderators of the debates may be unfair to him. But Conway said she’s not troubled by any of them, including Monday night’s moderator, Lester Holt.

“He’s certainly going to be a good debate moderator tomorrow in that I trust that all of these moderators … for all the debates, including the VP debate next week, will be asking questions that benefit the voter,” she said.