CNN Anchor Asks If Trump Is Actually Being Audited, Campaign Chief Kellyanne Conway Melts Down [VIDEO]

Via Mediatite:

If you think the topic of Donald Trump‘s tax returns are a big issue, then campaign manager Kellyanne Conway certainly wants to hear none of it. During a Tuesday morning interview on CNN’s New Day, Conway — who was installed as the campaign manager in August — defended her boss’ decision not to release his tax returns.

After a fiery exchange with host Alisyn Camerota about the state of health for both Trump and his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton, Camerota pressed on about the tax returns, asking straightforwardly, “When can we expect to see them?”

Camerota then asked a follow-up not frequently heard during the debate over Trump’s taxes, and it seemed to stun Conway and catch her off guard. “Has Donald Trump, or will he, release anything from the IRS — a letter from the IRS — proving that he’s under audit?” Conway asked Camerota to repeat herself, presumably to buy an extra moment while she formulated a response.

Eventually, she countered hard, taking a page out of the Trump book of punching up. “I don’t know. Why? In other words — why, why are you — Are you calling him a liar?” Conway pushed back. She sharply repeated herself a moment later. “Are you calling him a liar?”