Brian Brown To Take Hate Campaign To Mexico

Via press release from hate group leader Brian Brown:

Dear Marriage Supporter, As we told you last week, our friends at Frente Nacional por la Familia (National Front for the Family) are leading a nationwide protest of citizens in Mexico to oppose the attempt of the ruling government party led by President Enrique Peña Nieto, to impose widespread legal recognition of same-sex unions throughout the country, and well as “gender identity” ideology that damages children who are taught in public school that they can choose their gender. President Peña Nieto’s “reforms” also undermine the right of parents to decide on the education of their children according to their own convictions and principles. The Mexican people have responded in force to protest this action by the government. Nearly 1.2 million people participated in marches this past weekend in 122 cities and towns in Mexico. That is amazing!

But the protests are far from over. In fact, I am travelling to Mexico City on September 24th to participate in a National March for the Family that is being organized by National Front for the Family. The National Organization for Marriage strongly supports this protest. In connection with this, NOM is launching a petition drive to give you and all our supporters here in the US the opportunity to add your own voice to Mexico’s National March for the Family. Even though most people can’t be there in person, you can lend your name and moral support to the effort to uphold marriage, protect children from “gender ideology” and support the right of parents to direct their children’s education according to their own values and principles.

I will personally deliver this petition to the leaders of National Front for the Family, including my friend, Rodrigo Ivan Cortes, when I meet with them in Mexico City. The National March for the Family has the potential of being the largest single demonstration of support for marriage, children and parental rights in history. Beyond its significance in the domestic affairs of Mexico, this march also can help renew activism in support of marriage here in America, and help show how opposed people are to “gender identity” ideology being pushed by LGBT extremists and their allies among the elite, including President Obama.

Brown says he wants to deliver “hundreds of thousands” of petitions next week. At this writing 3423 people have signed. And of course, his claim that 1.2 million marched last week is complete crap.