Breitbart Vs “The Normies”

On Wednesday night the person running the Twitter account for Breitbart called me a “normie” and although I track right wing sites all day, that term was new to me. As it turns out, the neo-Nazi website Daily Stormer has a lengthy post titled A Normie’s Guide To The Alt-Right. And there we find this definition:

“Normie” is a term used to refer to individuals who have not yet joined the Alt-Right, remaining trapped in the mental-prison of the Jewish system. These people are viewed as being incapable of objectively processing information, and will instead revert to programmed slogans whenever they are presented with ideas that conflict with their synthetic value system.

Among the other alt-right terms helpfully defined by Breitbart‘s neo-Nazi allies are shitlord, Pepe, cuck, Holohoax, 1488, (((echoes))), and other racist/Nazi expressions.