BOOM: Greta Van Susteren Doesn’t Go Quietly, Rips Into Fox News & Roger Ailes, Slams “Suspicious Checks”

Talking Points Memo reports:

Newly retired Fox News host Greta van Susteren came out swinging against her former employer on Friday for declining to adequately supervise ousted chairman Roger Ailes, who left the network in July amid swirling sexual harassment allegations.

“I regret that Roger Ailes was not supervised by those in a public corporation who had the duty to supervise him,” van Susteren wrote in a Facebook post. “This included his seniors, the CFO’s of both Fox News Channel and 21CF (and its predecessor NewsCorp), the Board of Directors and what I assume this public corporation had, outside auditors. Checks written that were suspicious should have been spotted.”

A bombshell investigation published last week by New York Magazine’s Gabriel Sherman said that Ailes paid lucrative salaries to the female employees with whom he allegedly had sexual relationships. Her latest comments came in response to a Thursday Facebook post from longtime Fox News host Geraldo Rivera, who said he was “filled with regret” for not believing Carlson from the start. “We all regret it,” van Susteren wrote.