AUSTRALIA: MP Confronted By Her Gay Brother Over Proposed Plebiscite On Same-Sex Marriage [VIDEO]

Buzzfeed reports:

Nationals senator Bridget McKenzie was faced with a question close to home on ABC’s Q&A on Monday, when her gay brother asked if the government’s proposed plebiscite on marriage would affect his emotional wellbeing.

“Given the majority of parliamentarians and Australians now support marriage equality, is a $160 million plebiscite necessary, and what impact do you think the debate will have on the emotional wellbeing of gays and lesbians like me?” Alastair McKenzie asked the panel via a video question.

McKenzie, who opposes marriage equality, said the Australian people could choose to have a non-damaging debate. “I think it will only be damaging if all of us as Australians choose to actually not respect each other’s views in this particular debate,” she said.

The brother-sister flap is getting the headlines, but the panel discussion that follows is actually more interesting.