ARIZONA: Dr. Stabby Endorses Homocon Paul Babeu

Back in August 2015, homocon Sheriff Paul Babeu toured then-presidential candidate Ben Carson around the Mexico border to boast about his plan to stop his former boyfriends from getting back into the country. The event was widely mocked because Babeu’s county is 70 miles from the border. Today Babeu gets Carson’s endorsement:

“Sheriff Paul Babeu is a man of incredible character who knows how to secure our border and keep Arizonans safe. I know when he gets to Congress he will work tirelessly to improve our economy and bring real border security to America. I know Sheriff Babeu will do a great job representing Arizona in Congress and he has my full support.”

Babeu won his GOP primary last week and faces former Arizona state Rep. Tom O’Halleran in November. By the way, that’s douchebag Breitbart reporter Matthew Boyle trailing the pair in the photo above.