Anti-LGBT Hate Group That Supported “Kill The Gays” Bill Denounces Hillary For “Deplorable” Comment

Remember when the Family Research Council was exposed by yours truly for lobbying the US House in support of Uganda’s infamous “kill the gays” bill? Tony Perkins thinks you don’t. Via press release:

“Hillary’s use of the phrase ‘deplorable’ is as revealing as it is insulting. Hillary Clinton’s foundation has received donations from countries all over the world that imprison and even execute those they deem ‘deplorable.’ Christians and other Americans who refuse to embrace the Obama/Clinton vision of America should be very concerned and should ask what Hillary Clinton has planned for those she deems ‘deplorable?’

“Clinton’s view of her fellow Americans shouldn’t be a surprise. The policies of Obama/Clinton are rooted in their shared contempt for the traditional values of tens of millions of Americans. In the last eight years, this administration has increasingly tried to marginalize those who do not surrender to a progressive agenda.

“Clinton’s comments provide yet another contrast between her and Donald Trump. Donald Trump has treated Democratic voters, like those who supported Bernie Sanders, with respect by inviting them to join him in restoring Americans’ freedoms, where Clinton has shown utter contempt.”