American Family Association Petitions NFL To Discipline Player For Not Standing During The National Anthem

When Donald Trump says America isn’t great, the right wing wets themselves in adoration. But when a sports star says America isn’t great, he gets deluged with death threats and calls for him to be fired. Enter the American Family Association:

As a player who wears a professional football uniform, Kaepernick is a public representative of the National Football League and the San Francisco 49ers football team. His actions continue to embarrass all professional sports and bring reproach on his team. America is also stunned at his overt disrespect for the nation that guarantees him the freedom to earn millions of dollars each year.

It is important for the NFL to take necessary steps to insure that its players, coaches, and teams show proper respect for our country and our police officers. If Kaepernick is allowed to continue his deeply offensive actions, it will only lead to other such movements by other players in the future. Sign the petition calling on the NFL to take disciplinary action against Colin Kaepernick for his disrespectful actions while engaged in official NFL activities.

Right wing sites are pointing to the recent example of Curt Schilling, who was fired by ESPN after posting a viciously anti-transgender cartoon on his social media accounts.