Sandy Rios: The Son Of The Khans Died As A Muslim Traitor For Having Served In The US Military [VIDEO]

American Family Association radio shrieker Sandy Rios appeared on Alan Colmes’ show yesterday to continue her attack on the son of the Khans. Right Wing Watch recaps:

Rios falsely claimed that Khizr Khan has called Sharia law superior to the U.S. Constitution, claiming that since he “adheres to Sharia,” he would then “absolutely” want to kill Americans. (She appears to be citing an article which, as the myth-busting group Snopes points out, “in no part suggested support for Sharia law or membership in the Muslim Brotherhood and appeared to be an academic piece, not an advocacy paper.”) After citing the so-called Islamic State’s assertion that the Khans’ son was an “apostate,” Rios said that the Khans may agree with the terrorist group’s assertion: “I believe that they believe that anyone that adheres to Sharia believes their son is an apostate for serving in the American military. He’s an apostate according to Islamic Sharia law.