MICHIGAN: Female Protesters Interrupt Donald Trump’s Economics Policy Speech More Than Ten Times [VIDEO]

From the Wall Street Journal:

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump on Monday outlined a proposal to allow families to deduct child-care spending from their income taxes as part of a broader effort to slash taxes. It wasn’t clear how such a tax break might be structured and whether it would be available to tens of millions of families that don’t pay income taxes because they have lower incomes. Making child-care expenses fully deductible would provide much larger benefits to the wealthiest families that have larger tax bills.

Mr. Trump read his speech off teleprompters, which he has repeatedly mocked as tools of phony politicians even though he has used them previously for major speeches. He was interrupted numerous times by protesters, and in the more sterile confines of the Detroit Economic Club, lacked the bevy of supporters at his outdoor rallies who drown out dissenters with chants of “USA! USA! USA!”