New Pew Research Poll: Hillary +4 Nationwide, 81% Of Republicans Say Life Was Better 50 Years Ago

CNN reports:

Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton has a narrow nationwide lead against her Republican rival, Donald Trump, in a four-way match-up that includes third-party candidates, according to a new poll released Thursday.

The Pew Research Center survey finds that if the election were held today, 41% of those surveyed would support Clinton, 37% would support Trump, 10% would back Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson and 4% would back Green Party candidate Jill Stein.

Additionally, women surveyed back Clinton over Trump 49% to 30%, respectively, while men support Trump 45% to 33%.

However, out of those surveyed, only 27% believe Trump would make a “good or great president,” while 55% believe he would be either “poor or terrible” — 43% specifically said he would be a “terrible” president. Only 15% said that Trump would be an “average” president.

As for Clinton, 31% believe that she would make a “good or great” president, while 22% believe she would be average and 45% believe she would be a poor (12%) or terrible (33%) president.

More from Pew Research:

Overall, voters remain divided over whether life for people like them in the country today is better or worse compared with 50 years ago: 36% say that life today is better for people like them, 47% say it is worse and 13% say it is about the same.

But these perceptions are starkly different among supporters of the two major party candidates: About eight-in-ten (81%) Trump backers say that things have gotten worse for people like them compared with 50 years ago. Just 19% of Clinton supporters say the same. A 59% majority of Clinton supporters say life is better for people like them; only 11% of Trump voters think this.

As was the case earlier this year, there are significant demographic differences in these views. About half (51%) of black voters say life is better today for people like them and just 20% say it is worse (23% say it is about the same).

By contrast, white voters are more likely to say life has gotten worse (52%) than say it has gotten better (33%); 12% say it is little different. Hispanics are divided on this question: 4o% say life is better for people like them than it was a half-century ago, while about as many (39%) say it is worse (17% say it is about the same).