SUPER SADZ: McCrory Says Dem AG Doesn’t Deserve Paycheck For Refusing To Appeal Voter ID Ruling

The Raleigh News & Observer reports:

Gov. Pat McCrory on Tuesday called a news conference to announce that the attorney general will not appeal last week’s ruling by three federal judges throwing out the state’s requirement that voters produce photo identification, along with other changes to election law.

The governor said the state would appeal the ruling without help from Attorney General Roy Cooper’s office. McCrory said Cooper’s decision was another example of him refusing to represent the state.

“We’re very disappointed to hear that again his office is not willing to do his job,” McCrory said. “In fact, I question whether he should even accept a paycheck from the state of North Carolina anymore because he continues to not do his job, as his oath of office requires him to do.” A spokeswoman for the attorney general confirmed Cooper’s decision.

“Attorneys with our office put forward their best arguments but the court found that the law was intentional discrimination and we will not appeal,” Noelle Talley said. “Other parties are adequately represented if they choose to appeal further, although additional appeals would only incur more expense and foster uncertainty with the approaching election and early voting.”

McCrory trails Cooper by four points in the latest gubernatorial poll.