MANHATTAN: Naked Trump Statue Prompts Selfie Frenzy In Union Square, Parks Department Rips It Down

DNA Info reports:

This is some very public art. A statue of a completely naked Donald Trump mysteriously appeared on the south side of Union Square Park Thursday morning.

The full-frontal sculpture of the Republican presidential candidate, which stood for at least two hours before being removed by the Parks Department around 1:20 p.m., featured realistic details such as an orange comb-over, flesh-colored skin, veins and a protruding belly. It also left no physical feature to the imagination — although it did intentionally exclude one.

“The Emperor Has No Balls,” read an engraved plaque at the base of the statue. The plaque also bore the signature “Ginger.” While the sculpture shocked some passersby, dozens stopped to make jokes, take selfies and flip their middle fingers at The Donald’s image.

I’ll spare everyone the full image, but if you must. (Tipped by JMG reader Scott)