Log Cabin Republicans: We Can’t Decide On Endorsing Trump Until He Stops Blowing Off Our Requests To Meet

Chris Johnson reports at the Washington Blade:

As Donald Trump continues to make provocative and controversial comments with fewer than 100 days before the general election, Log Cabin Republicans continues to mull whether to endorse him for president. Gregory Angelo, president of Log Cabin, said Monday he’s unable to predict whether Trump will receive an endorsement from the organization.

Angelo said his request for a meeting with Trump or his senior advisers remains unresolved since November. Angelo said he or a Log Cabin staffer “haven’t had a meeting with the candidate as of yet,” but that would be a necessary thing for the organization to throw its support behind him.

“The precedent in the past has always been Log Cabin Republicans gets an audience with our nominee,” Angelo said. “That has been the case, I believe, every presidential election cycle since Log Cabin national headquarters was founded in 1992.”

Should Trump actually meet with Log Cabin, the endorsement decision will apparently come by a consensus of the group’s 48 chapters nationwide. Per their bylaws, they are only allowed to endorse or refuse to endorse the Republican nominee. In recent elections Log Cabin endorsed Romney/Ryan and McCain/Palin. In 2004 they declined to endorse George W. Bush due to his support for a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage, although they did endorse Bush in 2000.