Glenn Beck Faces Potential Jailing After Refusing To Name Alleged Boston Marathon Bombing Sources

Glenn Beck and two of his staffers face jailing for contempt after refusing today to name the alleged sources that led them to wrongly accuse a Saudi man of being behind the Boston Marathon bombing. Via Law Newz:

In a letter delivered Wednesday, Beck’s attorney, Michael J. Grygiel, said that Beck and his colleague Joe Weasel, would refuse to reveal information about their confidential sources. He wrote:

“Defendants cannot disclose the identities of the Confidential Sources without their permission for several reasons. First and foremost, as a fundamental matter of journalistic integrity, Defendants cannot disclose the identities of the Confidential Sources without their authorization. Defendants are justifiably concerned that substantial harm could come to the Confidential Sources if they are identified. Second, if Mr. Weasel were to disclose the identities of the Confidential Sources, it is a near certainty that no confidential sources would ever speak to Mr. Weasel or TheBlaze, Inc. and its affiliates again. Third, Mr. Weasel promised his sources confidentiality, and disclosure of their identities would potentially subject him personally as well as TheBlaze, Inc. to civil liability.”

Apparently, Beck himself never spoke with the confidential sources and only Cheatwood and Weasel made contact. Earlier this month, Judge Patti B. Saris ordered that the identities of two of Beck’s sources be revealed in order for her to better understand and make a ruling in the defamation case.