FLORIDA: Disgraced Homocon Former Congressman Mark Foley Sits Behind Trump At Rally [VIDEO]

NBC News reports:

Donald Trump on Wednesday night admonished Hillary Clinton for having the father of the Orlando shooter seated behind her at a recent campaign rally.

“Wasn’t it terrible?” Trump asked, that Seddique Mateen was “sitting with a big smile on his face right behind Hillary Clinton … When you get those seats, you sort of know the campaign.”

But as he said those words, disgraced former Congressman Mark Foley smiled up at him from behind the stage.

Foley, a Republican who represented southern Florida, was forced to resign his seat in September 2006 in the wake of allegations that he sent sent suggestive emails and instant messages to congressional pages. The former congressman shared Trump’s camera shot, with a smile, for the entirety of the hour-long rally.

The candidate himself turned around multiple times, once during the Mateen riff against Clinton, asking the attendees seated behind him, “How many of you people know me? A lot of people know me.” Foley, among others, raised his hand and waved in response.

Foley told NBC News’ Thomas Roberts immediately after the rally via text message that “yes” he is a Trump supporter. “He’s been a friend of mine for 30 years and one of my biggest contributors,” Foley wrote.

You may recall that when the Foley scandal broke, Fox News repeatedly identified him as a Democrat. Foley’s messages with underage male congressional pages reportedly included requests for them to measure their penis for him.