Erick Erickson To Trump Backers: You Disgust Me

Right wing pundit Erick Erickson unloaded today on Donald Trump’s supporters in an essay for The Resurgent that is getting wide notice. An excerpt:

Donald Trump wants to turn NATO into a damn shakedown scheme and you people are cheering him on. You should be ashamed of yourselves. You should be ashamed of the fact that your cult leader who claims to have been personally affected by 9/11 does not even know our NATO allies protected his ass that day.

You should be ashamed that he wants to turn one of the strongest military alliances in the history of the world into a racket where protection is bought. You should be ashamed that you are not ashamed. These are allies. They are not vassal states. These are friends. Our promises do not require shakedowns.

We are not the global bully demanding lunch money for protection. We are the shining city on the hill. You people reflect the evil character of your god. You should be ashamed, but you have no shame left. You all deserve to be defeated and annihilated. You disgust me in cheering him on. He disgusts me.

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