Corey Lewandowski: Paul Manafort’s Resignation Proves That Trump Is Serious About Winning [VIDEO]

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Donald Trump’s former campaign manager says the exit of the campaign’s top figure shows how serious Trump is about winning the presidency. Corey Lewandowski on Friday said that campaign chairman Paul Manafort’s resignation illustrates that Trump will do anything he can to get his campaign on track and win.

“This is a step the campaign has taken to continue to demonstrate how serious they are, that they are moving forward, that it is ready for the next 81 days,” Lewandowski told CNN. “I think what you’ll find is this campaign is squarely focused now on attacking Hillary Clinton, on laying out their plan to make America great again to the American public.”

Lewandowski was fired from the campaign in June, after reportedly clashing with Manafort on the campaign’s approach. But he said Friday that he had nothing to do with Manafort’s exit. “People think I won. I had nothing to do with this. This is about Donald Trump. He’s running for president. This is about what’s best for Donald Trump, what is best for the American people.”