Clinton Campaign Warns Against Complacency

The Hill reports:

As she heads toward the fall with a solid lead in the polls, Hillary Clinton and her team are warning donors and Democrats not to be complacent in the final stretch of the campaign.

While the post-convention weeks in August have been a high point for Clinton and a disastrous period for her Republican challenger Donald Trump, there is still time for the political climate to change before Election Day.

Clinton aides and allies note the “Brexit” vote in the United Kingdom, in which the UK voted to remove itself from the European Union, as an example of how electoral surprises can happen. Trump himself predicted this week that he would be “Mr. Brexit” this fall.

Trump has tried to turn things around this week with a campaign shake up, bringing in a new CEO and campaign manager who are seeking to reshape the narrative of the campaign and force Team Clinton to go on defense.

On Thursday, Trump also offered a conciliatory speech in which he expressed regret for remarks that caused “personal pain.” Seeing Trump’s pivot, the Clinton campaign is urging their supporters and fundraisers to step up and not take their lead for granted.