CANADA: $104M Class Action Hate Speech Suit Filed Against Anti-Gay Nutjob Bill Whatcott And Supporters

BOOM. Toronto’s CP24 reports:

The owner of a bar in the city’s gay village and former Deputy Premier George Smitherman have launched a class action lawsuit against a group of anti-gay activists who distributed hateful literature during Toronto’s annual pride parade earlier this summer.

Cambridge LLP has filed the class action lawsuit on behalf of Christopher Hudspeth and George Smitherman. The lawsuit seeks $104 million in damages from William Whatcott and those who supported him in sneaking into the pride parade and handing out anti-gay literature that it alleges amounted to “hate speech.”

“As a long time gay activist I am outraged that a notorious homophobe infiltrated our pride parade in order to spread his lies and distribute his pamphlets,” Hudspeth, who owns Pegasus on Church, told reporters at a news conference in Ottawa.

“Pride needs to be a safe place for everyone. We put up with enough homophobic messaging every day. We deserve a homophobic free zone at our pride parade.” Whatcott has said that he used an alias to register the Gay Zombies Cannabis Consumer’s Association as a participating group at pride.

From my report last month about the stunt:

Whatcott claims to have handed out thousands of fake condoms. Here’s part of the enclosed message:

Natural law is clear, homosexuality is incompatible with human nature. Disease, death and confusion are the sad and sordid realities of the homosexual lifestyle. The ‘Gay Zombies’ are concerned about the spiritual, psychological and physical welfare of all potential homosexual pride attendees, so we want to give you this accurate information and encourage you to abstain from the homosexuality. The rejection of true marriage is also in direct opposition to God’s law and it is our duty to warn you that those who choose to rebel against the God who created them, do so to their eternal peril. For those reading this Gospel package we also want to let you know there is a God who loves you, and who is real, and who has made a way for you to come to Him.

At Whatcott’s similar 2014 stunt at Vancouver Pride, the fake condom packages also included gruesome photos of emaciated AIDS patients. From my 2014 post:

Whatcott bragged, “Trojan condoms also was kind enough to donate 500 of their not safe enough latex condoms to my contingent, so we used them as a cover for our Gospel condoms that if read correctly and applied properly will guarantee you truly “safe sex” as in life long heterosexual marriage and also eternal life in the world to come. The bags my two activists Darcy and Jonathan are carrying in the video contain life saving and soul redeeming Gospel condoms. Thanks to the generosity of Trojan condoms we were able to cover up our Gospel condoms with a layer of Trojan condoms and avoid detection while we evangelized the entire parade route!”

According to Whatcott, only one parade-goer opened a fake condom in his group’s presence. When she became visibly upset at the message inside, one of Whatcott’s co-conspirators lied for Jesus and told her that she’d been mistakenly given the condom that he’d been handed by a “homophobe” at the parade. He then gave her one of the real condoms that they had fraudulently obtained from Trojan.

RELATED: In 2013 Whatcott’s hate speech conviction was upheld by the Canadian Supreme Court. In 2014 he and Porno Pete were arrested for trespassing at a Canadian university where they were attempted to distribute their style of Christian Love™. In 2015 Whatcott won a $30K defamation suit against the CBC over their report that he was distributing the lyrics to a song titled Kill The Homosexuals. Shortly afterwards he announced that he had permanently fled to the Philippines, but for some reason he’s again infesting Canada.