Brian Brown To Supporters: Thanks For Nothing, Losers

Yesterday NOM president Brian Brown called his supporters “pathetic” because he can’t even scrape up a few thousand dollars in a summer donation drive. In today’s money beg, he continues the wise fundraising strategy of berating the very people he’s trying to swindle. In fact, he effectively accuses them of being apostates. An excerpt:

I imagine that Anthony Kennedy, the Supreme Court justice who wrote the opinion a year ago redefining marriage, will be laughing out loud to himself realizing that the most passionate supporters of marriage — NOM’s members who love the Lord and who revere what He created — seem to be giving up.

Who could blame Anthony Kennedy if he thinks that God lost and he won?

I really don’t believe — I just can’t imagine the thought — that NOM’s members have quit fighting for God’s institution of marriage. And yet, only 256 of you have responded with an urgently needed membership contribution during this critical period.

NOM’s purpose for existing — the reason we created it — is to fight for God’s authorship of marriage as the union of one man and one woman. We’re going to fight as long as we are able, but that is only as long as you are willing to follow God’s Word and fight alongside us.

As I noted in the comments of yesterday’s post, I expect that very soon Brown will grandly announce a “triumphant” merger with the World Congress Of Families, which recently elected him president. Then he can fully focus on their relentless campaign to thwart LGBT rights overseas and NOM will just become yet another of his many unvisited URLs. Praise! Glory!