AUSTRALIA: PFLAG Hits Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull With Ad Mocking Marriage Plebiscite [VIDEO]

Via press release from PFLAG Australia:

Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays has stepped up its campaign against a marriage equality plebiscite with the release of a new advertisement.
The ad highlights the fact politicians can ignore the result of a plebiscite, as well as the plebiscite’s $160 million price tag.

PFLAG national spokesperson, Shelley Argent, said, “As parents, we will not stand by and watch the government subject our LGBTI children to the indignity and humiliation of a national vote about their basic rights. Our ad will increase pressure on politicians to do the right thing and have a free vote in parliament.”

From today the ad will run on social media to encourage those opposed to a plebiscite to write to their federal politicians through the website. When Parliament returns the ad will be broadcast on Sky TV to encourage federal politicians to vote against plebiscite enabling legislation.

An opinion poll recently released by Galaxy research found public support for a plebiscite drops from 48% to 25% when respondents were told how much a plebiscite would cost and that it won’t be binding. Since the website was unveiled ten days ago 52,000 emails against a plebiscite have been sent to federal politicians.

The second clip below is from GetUp Australia.