American Nazi Party Chairman: Victory For Trump Will Be A Real Opportunity For White Nationalists [AUDIO]

Buzzfeed reports:

The chairman of the American Nazi Party, Rocky Suhayda, declared on his radio program last month that a Donald Trump victory would present a great opportunity for white nationalists to build pro-white coalitions. “I’m gonna project that I believe that Trump is going to win the election this November, for various reasons which I don’t want to go into again,” Suhayda said on his radio program’s July broadcast. “I think it’s gonna surprise the enemy, because, I think that they feel that the white working class, especially the male portion of the working class, and with him his female counterparts have basically thrown in the towel — given up hope of any politician again standing up for their interests.”

Suhayda went on to declare that white supremacists should try to be less anti-everyone else and just be pro-white. Otherwise people might think they’re bigots. Seriously. “If blacks act like savages, you don’t need to point that out.”