TMZ: Justin Bieber Turned Down $5M To Perform At RNC, Was Told He Couldn’t Insult Trump Or GOP

TMZ reports:

Justin Bieber got a $5 million offer to perform at a Republican event during the GOP Convention, but turned it down after his manager considered quitting and LeBron James urged him to reject it … sources tell TMZ.

Sources connected with CAA — the talent agency which reps Bieber and received the offer — tell us a promoter contacted Justin’s people with the offer, saying he would perform for 45 minutes at a venue near Quicken Loans Arena, where the RNC was held.

We’re told the promoter assured Justin’s people the event was “not political” and Justin would not be endorsing Trump or any GOP policies.

According to the contract, the $5 million was bankrolled by GOP donors. The money was to be paid “up front” — before Justin even arrived. The donors would also cover production expenses.

Bieber’s manager, reportedly a Hillary supporter, suggested that if Bieber were to agree to perform, the stage should be adorned with Black Lives Matter banners. The donors rejected that, but said All Lives Matter banners would be allowed. They also stipulated that Bieber could not disparage Trump or the GOP during the show.