Ted Cruz Money Beg: Somebody Might Run Against Me In Two Years So You Must Donate Right Now

Just in from Lyin’ Ted Cruz:

Joe, This morning, the Castro brothers of Texas – Julian and Joaquin, made an announcement, and I want you to be the first to know. In an interview with Charlie Rose of CBS, Joaquin Castro said he will take a look at running for Senate in 2018.

Despite any record of achievement and a liberal ideology out of touch with the majority of Texans, the Castro brothers have the full support of the mainstream media and Washington establishment willing to do everything in their power to turn Texas blue.

Help me fight back! This November, it is critical we elect conservatives up and down the ballot in order to prevent a liberal takeover of Washington D.C.

But our opponents are already making plans to defeat us, so we cannot afford to wait to engage until 2018. Everyday in the Senate, I have continued fighting for jobs, freedom, and the security of 27 million Texans and all Americans across this great country.

In order to stop the Castro brothers attempts to bring their liberal ideology to the halls of the U.S. Senate — I need you by my side. Will you continue to stand with me? If you can afford to donate today — I hope you will make an immediate donation of $25, $50, or more to my Senate campaign.

With liberal Democrats like the Castro brothers preparing to challenge our shared conservative values, the time to fight back is now! Please click here to make a generous donation to my reelection efforts. Your support means the world to Heidi and me. For liberty, Ted.