Sarah Palin To Appear On Match Game Reboot

Silly Sarah is so stupid, when she went out in the rain she forgot her BLANK. Via the New York Daily News:

Get a load of the panelists set for ABC’s “The Match Game,” the always loosey-goosey and often lewd show. There’s Leslie Jones, Mario Cantone, Leah Remini, Josh Charles and — wait for it — Sarah Palin, that BLANK from Alaska.

For the uninitiated, the reboot of a popular ‘70s game show is all about filling in the BLANK. The host reads a joke with a missing word. Contestants try to guess how stars will fill it in.

Could it be a hoot seeing how the staunch Republican rolls with the show’s famously liberal host Alec Baldwin? You betcha. And there’s also the fact that the show, after one episode, is already proving to be anti-Trump, whom Palin stands by.