REPORT: Ted Cruz To Endorse Trump Tonight

Remember when Trump called Ted Cruz a compulsive liar, accused his father of helping to murder JFK, and made fun of his wife’s appearance? Ted Cruz doesn’t. Via Breitbart:

Daniel Schneider, executive director of the American Conservative Union, talked to Breitbart News Daily SiriusXM host Stephen K. Bannon about the Trump campaign, Ted Cruz, and conservative politics, saying, “Ted’s definitely going to endorse Trump” Wednesday night. “Ted’s a smart conservative who is also a good political operative.” Schneider added, “A Trump administration is going to be a lot more conservative than people are assuming.”

Schneider said he believed in his speech tonight, Ted Cruz will lay out some basic conservative principles to which he anticipates Trump will adhere, in exchange for mobilizing the conservative base for November, and that would set the stage for a grand bargain Trump supports. “I think Donald Trump picking Mike Pence, it’s extending his hand to conservatives like Ted Cruz and like me, saying, ‘Okay, I’m ready for this compact,’” said Schneider.