REPORT: Gay GOP Convention Delegates To Move To Front Row During Homocon Peter Thiel’s Speech

This is what’s considered homocon activism. Via Politico:

Gay members of the California delegation plan to move to the front row of the convention hall when Peter Thiel delivers his speech tonight, according to a Republican familiar with the plan.

The gesture is intended to signal a new era in the party’s relationship with LGBT Americans.

“It’s telling the Republican Party and the Democratic Party there are gay Republicans,” said the Republican. “It’s enough pretending that this party does not accept us.”

Trump has called himself a supporter of traditional marriage, but has largely ignored social issues, which lost cachet during this year’s Republican primary. Trump has also repeatedly condemned Muslim countries that persecute gays and lesbians.

Thiel, a libertarian-minded billionaire and Silicon Valley entrepreneur, is gay. Among California’s other gay delegates is Richard Grenell, who served in the George W. Bush administration but was pushed out as Mitt Romney’s national security spokesman during the 2012 campaign under pressure from social conservatives.