RALEIGH: City Could Lose $40M Over Hate Laws

From Raleigh’s NBC affiliate:

Raleigh could lose as much as $40 million in convention business from the state’s controversial law on transgender rights.

Statistics from the Greater Raleigh Convention and Visitors Bureau show that 16 trade associations or corporate groups have canceled gatherings in Raleigh because of House Bill 2, causing an estimated economic loss of $5.6 million. Raleigh is no longer in the running for another 13 conventions, worth an estimated $2 million combined.

The CVB also reports “pushbacks” from dozens of other groups concerned that House Bill 2 could jeopardize conventions planned for Raleigh. CVB data shows those gatherings would total $32.6 million in economic activity for local businesses.

The latest cancellation comes from a 1500-member epidemiologists association. Last month the North Carolina legislature ended its session after having made only a minor change to HB2.