Please Like JMG On Facebook For Philly Coverage

The 2016 Democratic National Convention kicks off in Philadelphia on Monday. Please like the JMG page on Facebook for photos, commentary, and live-streamed video as I work the halls of the Wells Fargo Center and the Pennsylvania Convention Center. (The “like” button is also on the JMG front page.) I’ll arrive on Saturday afternoon to attend a few of the multitude of advance events and will also visit the Center City gayborhood for some political adult beverages over the weekend. 

As I did for the 2012 convention in Charlotte, I’ll do my best to keep up the usual volume of postings at this here website thingy, but be advised that I sometimes won’t be able to react to breaking events with my usual speed. As I’ve reported several times, there are a number of major protests planned for outside the convention sites and I’m planning to dive into the fray at least once a day to take some photos and video. There may not be time for an official JMG readers meetup (there wasn’t in Charlotte), but I’ll let you know here if there will be.

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