PHOTOS: Seen At The Democratic Convention

In case you’re not following JMG on Facebook (and really, why aren’t you?) below are some of the photos I took at and around the Democratic convention. As you’ll see, I came across nutjob homocons, amusing vendors, Martin O’Malley, Terry McAuliffe, Jill Stein, Michael Dukakis, Adele Dazeem, Jim Obergefell, Howard Dean, and Barney Frank, whose husband was NOT having it from a Christian protester. Plus a whole lot more.FR2FR3FR4FR5FR6FR7FR8FR9FR10FR11FR13FR14FR15FR16FR17FR18FR19FR20FR21FR22FR23FR24FR25FR26FR27FR28FR30FR29FR31FR32FR33FR34FR35FR36FR37FR38FR39FR40