Phil Robertson Blames Murder Rate On Gays [VIDEO]

Phil Robertson delivered some typically reasonable remarks this weekend at the Western Conservative Summit. Mediaite recaps:

Later in his speech, the Duck Dynasty patriarch went on a riff about how there were 160,000 murders in America while we were fighting wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and it’s kind of intriguing to wonder where he was going with it.

Now, if you’re a normal person, you might think this is leading to something about gun control or mental health, and if you’re a Trump fan, you probably think the answer is either more guns or fewer blacks, but if you know Phil, the answer is obvious.

Yes, folks, it’s the gays and the transes who are killing 160,000 people every dozen or so years. Robertson’s gay panic is so epic, even other homophobes get a little nervous around him.

Hit the link for Robertson’s “proof” that White Jesus was totally real.