PEOPLE STILL USE FAXES? Janet Porter Will Fax Your Complaint To All 1753 Target Stores For A Mere $50

Last month hate group leader, failed social media entrepreneur, and failed politician Janet Porter failed yet again when her “nationwide” protests of all Target outlets yielded only a handful of screaming nutters at three locations. Porter followed that fail with an announcement of a future fail to be held in the same style during back-to-school season in early August. Today we see that Porter wants to charge her followers $50 to fax her totally outraged anti-trans screed to all 1753 Target stores. Of course, once those numbers are programmed, all those stores can be faxed with the press of a single “broadcast” button. Whether those stores still even have a fax machine is another question. None of the NYC-area stores list a fax number on their websites.Janet50fax